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Daily prompt/those dishes

I read this title laughed!  I hate dishes! My kitchen sits in disarray as we speak. I don’t know why. I have despised them since I was a little girl and I was spoiled rotten mama always did them.
So, I think I shall procrastinate the dishes for now. After all the dishes will still be there because they are not going to do themselves!


I want to scream. But instead I stay curled up on my bed. Pulling my covers over me so tightly just hoping I fade away. This time it seems to have had a hold on me for a few weeks? Maybe months? My family and friends notice and don’t say nothing but they do try to bring me out of it. My entire life is overturned once again! Medication, meditation, prayer, and just plain crying and screaming at times for help! Will this be the day I get a little better?

Dailypost/sweet sixteen

My sixteenth birthday I can honestly say I don’t remember it. I can say it was a drunken haze. I’m pretty sure I had fun? Nobody told me different.
Now, on the other hand I would not want to be sixteen again nowadays for nothing! The thought horrified me! I mean really I can’t even imagine being that age in this world today!

But, for shits and giggles I would rent out the local pool and have a pool party! And probably do whatever I did back then. Why? Because it is part of my past. Why change it?

Yesterday happened like every year since we were young. Yesterday was sad like it always is since you have been gone. I am doing good in my life and I know you sending your beautiful brother to me at the exact moment you did lastnight reminds me your still with me. I have pictures of you now. I love them! I sent them to each boy. They knew it was your birthday yesterday too. They each morn the loss of you differently. One of them said yesterday to his wife. My uncle taught me more about being a man than anyone else in my life. I know you heard that and smiled. I’m so glad for the time you spent with my kids. I watch your oldest child and grandbaby grow via pictures online. You are proud I feel it. Now, your brother, how amazing he is raising your baby!? He has invited me to go see them! He is a great man and I now know why you are so close with him. Thank you for placing him in my life. You are just like him! Its funny really. Well, I love you my dear friend! Until the wheels fall off and the creagers crack……..


Well, I haven’t been with my husband in 3 years but have.been intimate during this time. I don’t want to be with him.  But, he moved in with a old girlfriend and it hurts! I’m not sure how to feel or get.over this. I have been with him since I was 15 years old. We have been married 25 yrs now. Apart 3 of those. But, my problem is I love him. I haven’t slept with anyone else. But, I did date other people. I found myself still loving him. I wanted us to work. To much water under the bridge. How can I make the hurt go away and the love?

Socrates Quotes

If someone told you that you only had exactly 9 minutes to live, what would you do in those 9 minutes?

Well put parenting advice!


It’s impossible to prepare for parenthood. Yes you can anticipate the sleepless nights, the constant vigilance on kids as they grow, making sure they are safe, healthy and happy. Easy stuff. But who can honestly anticipate the acute heart break that eventually settles in your soul as these babies turn into little adults, and learn how to navigate the world. It’s the stuff that was written in small print when you bring these wonderful creatures into the world. And you can’t walk away from it.

I give life lessons and love willingly. I also have to be strong enough to receive the mental and verbal rocks that get thrown at me, and have to be resilient enough to either avoid them, or if I’m hit, stand back up and continue giving life lessons and love.

When those rocks come hurtling at me out of nowhere, I have to dig into…

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Rant rant rant. It’s that time again! I am so sick and tired of people telling women how to look. Body image is a massive issue for women, and this has been documented to death. I just noticed this morning that my newsfeed was full of ads for diets and quick fixes…

If you were to write a book, what would be the name of it?

Man must search for what is right, and let happiness come on its own.

–Johann Pestalozzi

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