Life on life's terms

It was a Friday night and I went to bed early. My days were filled with work, work, and more work, so at night I crashed hard! Since my split with Mark a year ago I have had a non-existent social life. My companion when I returned home from a long day was a nice glass of Chardonnay and some oldies but goodies music. This Friday was no different from any other day. Except, at 2am my phone rings. I immediately thought something bad has happened. Someone’s been in a wreck! My heart jumped all the way up my throat. I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t recognize the number but, I answered on the third ring. Hello, I hear loud music, hello I scream. The music goes silent and I hear the sound of a voice that I thought had gone from my life forever. Annette he said is this really you? Delbert, oh my god delbert, I screamed! Delbert gave me my first kiss and I went to every base but home run with him! How did he find me? Where has he been? So many questions I wanted to ask. He said he had been looking for me for many years and wanted to know if we could meet ASAP! I gave him my address and let’s just say I had no more lonely nights. We have been together for 7 years and have 2 kids. He stayed my unknown call turned out to be the answer to my prayers


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