Life on life's terms

Daily prompt/glass

Well, I looked at this writing prompt and thought ewww! I don’t want to write about that. But, that instantly told me this was a subject I needed to tackle. For one simple reason my glass had always been half full. Meaning to me I had a lot going for me in my life and there was always room for more! Now, after raising three sons and a marriage of 25 years ending I feel my glass is so empty and I’m having to drink sparingly because there is nothing to put in it. My life has been full of changes including a 2500 mile move away from a life of torment and pure hell. Now, I just go through the motions of the day. I live in a small country town still thinking should I search for a well to replenish my glass to return it to half full? Or, do I just sit and drink until it empties?


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