Life on life's terms

The Apothecary Shoppe

Love this!

Lily Mugford

I smiled as I hung up the phone. Great news, I finally reached my Fathers family in England and I would be able to visit next month. I grabbed the car keys; I was going to the travel agent to book a flight. I opened the front door and turned to lock it. Something was wrong, the door was rough wood. In my hand was a skeleton key. My heart was racing. I turned and had to grab the pillar to steady myself. I was on a strange cobblestone street. A wagon, pulled by a couple of horses, rode past me; men and women old street scenehustled by, everyone dressed in old fashioned clothing. There were barrels and wooden boxes piled outside one store. I was so confused. A man tipped his hat and called me Ma’am. I opened my mouth to speak, but words would not come. My eyes fell…

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