Life on life's terms

I really liked this one!

Daily Prompt: Success!
Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.

Apologies for the poor quality photograph, but the image above is a small card that someone gave to me in Poland about 12 years ago. An old lady approached me, gave me this card, and said “You will be successful in all that you do,” and walked away. In every place that I have ever lived, I have pinned this on the wall somewhere, usually near my desk where I do my writing. Sometimes I carry it in my purse, or take it into exams with me. I’m not sure why I am so effected by this picture; I think it is more the words of the stranger who gave it to me which echo in my head. Nevertheless, may the Goddess Success visit you all!


Twice a day,
I am successful.

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