Life on life's terms

My mother is beautiful inside and out.

All that have known her this they do not doubt.

People say that her voice is like that of an angel.

I hear her voice and know it is my salvation.

How hard she worked to raise us alone.

I failed to truly tell her how much respect and love the place she made our home.

She did without while many things as I remember.

A selfless love is my mother.

My wish is for words that truly describe the person God chose to be my provider.

Thank you will never be enough for my mother.

My hope is to honor her for all that she is by being all that I will be someday.

My mother gave birth to my sister at 15 years of age. She was forced to marry a man with rage. She at 16 experienced what no mother should the death of her second child the only son she would have. She continued on in life to thank God have me. Raised me and my sister alone and with the poorest income that could be. We never did without and she always made life fun. I put her through hell but by my side she hung. I am far from her now can’t see her today. It saddens me deeply but what can I say. Mom I love you in every single way. Your truly the best and my love for you is what I have today. 

To my mother Sharon I Aldrich of Eureka, Ca




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