Life on life's terms

Life unleashed.

Another one I really liked today and thought it was worth reblog status!

Randy Knows (at least he likes to think he does)

life unleashed

Throughout our lives we endlessly learn how to make a living. We learn to embrace fundamental education to glean necessary life skills. We learn to pursue gainful employment to support ourselves. We learn to seek out relationships to bolster our–and society’s–well-being. We learn many things and discover many more. Unfortunately, we also tend to take our lives for granted and we forget how to enjoy the living we make.

Life is an amazing thing. It empowers us to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, and to touch–among others–and each of our senses are amazing gifts. Yet most of us take them entirely for granted. We wake in the morning and “life” begins. We rise and inevitably ready ourselves for the day. We tackle our daily jobs, tasks, and chores; ingest food and drink; interact with people, places, and things; and ready ourselves for sleep. This is what most of…

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