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If I could rescind from what I regret
I fear there is nothing I could recall,
for when paragons opposing do collide,
kingdoms of necessity finally fall.
And those that stray farthest from the light
cast the shadows deep and tall,
yet I stood for the better of the best
and took the repute of the ones who fall.
How goodly did I feign apathy,
how hollow but rotund was my call,
and knighted was I for embracing the dark,
hearing the sound of life beyond the wall.
They say I hurt for I love to bleed
so they smile when I bleed for them all,
yet I take what they give and hide from the light
my muse this silence, my shelter this night.
But hear me, O Mortals! for the day shall come
when all your idols among all your cries
will lift not a finger for all you give

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  1. Thank you very much, you are too gracious.

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