Life on life's terms

Finish this sentence: 3 people walk into a bar………

All three were dressed to kill that night. It was ladies night out! Will they all get free drinks? That is the goal. They are not regulars here. Rocky came here every night of the week and had never seen them. They look like the are in the wrong place. Wow, are they coming over to talk to me? Coming, closer and closer and right pass me they go! Their asses look great in those skirts!

The bartender Billy notices them also. Great, maybe I will get some good tips. He watches as they continue on pass all the empty chairs in the place. Maybe they will start with pool? The round the corner to the bathroom right away. Several minutes later they emerge. Looking even more perfectly kept.

Thank you for letting us use your restroom. Billy smiled as there thank you. They kept walking right out of that bar. But, before they reached the door they turn and ask Rocky. “Which way is the revival for Jesus being held”? Hell, I don’t know ladies this is a bar! With a flip of their hair they turn and leave. It was the bar they needed only to pee!


Comments on: "Daily prompt/3 people walk into a bar" (2)

  1. Nice twist on the old joke love it thank you for sharing and for the ping back.

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