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Daily prompt: I pledge allegiance

My middle son came to me a few years back and out of the blue stated he was joining the Army National Guard! I didn’t see this coming. I didn’t raise my kids around guns even, so he didn’t even know how to shoot! I was afraid!  Needless to say he participated in operation Iraqi freedom (the withdrawal of our troops) and I became patriotic (I always thought I was before but I really supported our country since then with much more gusto) I sent boxes over to my son and became educated more in our government and it’s decisions. So,yes indeed I am patriotic and I love my country!


What A Christian Joke (hahaha)

Worse 2 Minutes


The Tale Of Humoural Medicine

I tried to be Normal once and it was worse two minutes of my life.

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What makes you laugh? A certain comedian, yourself, everything and anything? I am finding my laughter! YES, SOMEWHERE BETWEEN CHILDHOOD AND ADULTHOOD I FRIGGEN LOST MY LAUGH! These are somethings I find funny now at menopausal 43! Myself, I am pretty clever with little jokes! And some of the things I do and say?! WOW! So, tell me something that makes you laugh! Induldge me PLEASE!


This is great!


Started a new book by Cassandra Clare



Quit smoking

I haven’t had a cigarette since Tuesday August 26th! I have smoked since I was 13! So long as I don’t kill someone I will make it!

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