Life on life's terms

Self this is me! Fluffy, beautiful, sexy, glorious, happy, free, and everything in between.

I began my new life a few years ago. After a 25 year marriage finally meeting its demise I had to rely on myself to gather the strength to transform my life into something better.
After being a victim for so long I knew if I knew I, me, and only me, must initiate the changing process. I suffer from mental illnesses that pushed me to the brink of death. So,mustering up even the desire to live was a hurdle.
Now, I have my own home and many other material blessings. But, I had to let myself be helped by people,I needed to let my guard down and start to trust people again. I still have my defences up against love. However,to basically rely on a friend I can do that now.
Sadly my attitude as far as relying on another human being to not emotionally or physically hurt me is JUST DON’T DO IT. I’m afraid that will take much more work. I only can rely on myself for true happiness within. 


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