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Is the Grass always greener? Very rarely my friends, very rarely … so water your own grass and look after it because if you don’t one day while you’re busy peering over the neighbours fence your own grass will be wasting away beyond repair.

Inspired by a wonderful article in the Huffington Post, I started thinking about the world we live in today and how messed up things really have become. We live in a time where so many people constantly look over the fence with envy despite having a world of amazing things right in front of them if they just opened their eyes to see just how lucky they are. Where people are EXPECTING great things … without applying themselves and EARNING them.

Think about this – we all have so many incredible things in our lives that 50, 40, 30 … even 20 years ago people…

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Comments on: "The Other Side – Be happy with your lot before you go looking over fences" (2)

  1. Thanks very much for the reblog Annette, glad you liked my post and really appreciate you sharing my message.

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