Life on life's terms

I looked at today’s topic idea and thought it would be easy to choose seven universal words to use that everyone would know and understand. Well, in the state that our world is in there are many I would like to use that all nationalities could understand as well as put them to use! Such as peace! But, that is only a hope of mine as well as many others. Sadly, not enough people get the word peace much less hope for it. However, I’m going to attempt to choose seven words all human beings would comprehend  and use for communication.

Ok, yes, peace would be one of them. I dream of a world of peace. Wow, how wonderful life would be! Another word I will choose is happiness. Again, I would want everyone to use it verbally and practice it in their lives. How splendid each day would be if we all felt happiness?  Kindness ofcorse is my next choice.  If our children were taught more kindness even, topics like bullying and suicide wouldn’t be so prevalent in our society.
So, now I have peace, happiness, and kindness as my three of my seven universal words. How beautiful our world would become if we all started t use these words and put them into action? Oh a girl can dream can’t she?

My other four words are compassion, love, forgiveness, and communication. Add them all and just imagine! Now, I’m depressed and done with this topic!


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