Life on life's terms

This is a great idea to do for anyone wanting to improve thierselves. Im drafting my letter today! Thanks Tammy!

Walk with me on my journey of illness to the road of happiness and a life of fulfillment

First I want to thank my dear friend, Emma, for this awesome idea.  She said it was very helpful for her.

Dear Tammy,

Okay, okay, I know you like to be called Wild Thang, your new name given to you, in a loving way, by ONE of your closest and best blogger friends, Julie.

Wild Thang, this is very important and I really need you to listen, closely, to me today.  Please, please listen, as I have become very worried about you and the state of mind you’ve entered into, yet once again.

I understand all the physical pain, emotional pain, anger, agony and misery that has, again, set up shop inside your mind and body.  It’s all real and you can cope, if you choose to.  You were going along on your journey and I was very proud of what I was seeing.  You were making progress, great progress. …

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