Life on life's terms

Don’t you think about what is your purpose in life? Why am I here? I have been pondering this a lot in my new life. I have wasted many useful years that I can take back or make up for. So, instead of dwelling on what I haven’t done I am trying to think of ways to make a difference. I had this idea to give back to charities that have helped me. My first attempt at doing this flopped and it discouraged me!
I decided to go to a local food pantry to volunteer my time. Mind you I have only gotten help from this one three times! I only went for help when desperate!  And many people go to every food pantry every month. Basically using them as they were not intended. I was never one of these types of people.  Not that they are bad. But, there are people who abuse charitable giving.
Well, I was so excited to give back and was promptly told no. Because I had gotten help in the past it was a conflict of interest for me to help there. I was saddened.  I don’t understand their policy nor have I ever heard of any charity turning down help!
So, my search continues for the right place for me to give back. Until then I shall continue doing little random acts of kindness as I ponder the question what is my purpose in life.


Comments on: "Giving back" (2)

  1. Your random acts of kindness can make as big, if not a bigger impact, on the world and those around you. I recently volunteered at a local soup kitchen. Although it was a memorable experience, it was memorable for a different and rather serendipitous occurrence. If you would like to read about it, please check out my blog post title Captain kindness.

    Best wishes for an inspired day 😉

    • Wow, I just now seen this message! I am so new to this blogging and I am for now doing it all via my cell with an app. I noticed a comment button and here I am! Thank you for your kind words. I will check out the link you sent right now. Happy blogging!

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