Life on life's terms

My friend who we will call Amilio is a everyday hard working American. That just so happens to work in a very famous fast food restaurant. He has been employed there for 13 years. I chose him for my interview. 
Amilio is a father of six kids and is single. He likes to do nothing in his free time he states. Because he has worked so hard and still lives below the poverty.  This plus many other worldly struggles makes him fall into a depression that has been hard to come out of.
I asked him what he liked to do before life grabbed him and our other hard working folks like him to loose their happiness. He liked to play the gitar.  He spends a lot of time with his oldest son. Family is important to him and he often feels like he was the black sheep. But, he pushed those feelings aside and cares and lives with his mother. He believes in true love and doesn’t feel he has found it yet.
He hates his job but goes everyday regardless. He in my opinion is a red blooded American that makes our world a better place. I’m honored to be his friend.


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