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Heat is bad in Oklahoma

I am so hot today! With the heat ones it feels like 115 degrees so the news says that anyway! That darned heat index is killing me! I am drenched from head to toe from the humidity.
I live alone now after 25years of marriage it’s over. I’m over it but why I’m talking about it is because this heat drove me to an insanely,wonderfully,blissful, taste of my new found freedom! My dishes needed done as well as my bathroom needed cleaning. So,after running errands in this horrific heat I came home and stripped naked, yes naked, door was locked, curtains closed, I did my house cleaning in the buff! NOTHING WIERD OR SEXUAL IN ANY WAY! It was just about my freedom. I no longer felt trapped and confined. Some may read this and judge me. Oh yeah, I don’t care what people think anymore. I matter and I felt great. I beat the heat and got my household stuff done all while learning to be free.


Daily prompt/ a mystery in an enigma

Tell us something about yourself nobody knows. I am a 43-year-old woman who for the first time in my life I live alone. No kids, they are all grown and on their own. No husband after 25 years of marriage. So, what I have learned recently is that I am afraid of the dark. This may seem silly but I have always had someone in my home with me. So, now I can’t sleep without a light on because I hear every creek and crack that go bump in the night. There you go world you now know my secret and I hope you all don’t tell anyone!

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