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Daily post/blank

Ok, the 4th word of a blog on my reader is BLOG. And the 14th is LEAST. So, the sentence would read” Blog is the new least.” I must say I have drawn a blank when it comes to writing on this subject.  Here is my blank.

Opinionated man’s blogging challenge

Hi y’all I am back for a short time and one of my favorite blogs! He is an opinionated man. This is a quality I have just begun to practice. Having my own opinions! So, when I read he was doing his own blogging challenge I was excited to participate. I am a true novice but here is my take on number 9. If you could change your last name to Butts or Pecker which would you choose?Well, hands down I would be Mrs Pecker! I am a middle-aged menopausal female I will choose pecker every time! And I am totally sure a lot of your female followers would choose pecker too! You see a pecker to me is a precious thing to me. If I could honor the pecker in such a way as taking his last name I would in a split second! You see the many Pecker’s I have met in my lifetime they all were so polite and kind. So, my choice today and always for the new name I would choose Pecker for sure!


Question for my followers?



BLOG IDEAS (Photo credit: owenwbrown)

Blog Machine

Blog Machine (Photo credit: digitalrob70)

I would really like to write something that interests or entertains my followers. I am new at blogging and daily prompts are awesome but I would like to engage my readers.  This is part of my new life and living it on life’s terms. Blogging is one of my ways to boost my self-esteem as well as learn who “I” really am! Help me define and understand me by giving me ideas and suggestions.  Maybe, some things you tackled when you were just a novice beginner such as myself.  Hope to hear from someone!

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