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Dailypost/local slang

Howdy there folks! I will be a talkin to y’all today I reckon bout how da folks round here be talking. We be talkin slow an easy like so y’all can be undsrtandin us.  I been a livin in the good ol south. Oklehomeee to be exactlay right like. I be a livin in a po dunk town, just an itty bitty place bout a good ol 3 or 4 hour drive as a crow flies it be less I reckon from Oklehomeee city. We be doing sum hunting with my cousins, Bub, Big John, Tj, Jr, and Gerald. Granny, Papa, Nana June, Aunt Betty, all stay back and cook up sum beans and taters an cornbread an sweet tato pie. My family goes up town to pick on Saturday nights. Cousin Jim Bob plays spoons, Bub picks on the gitar, Bubba Joe plays the harmonica, why a whole dang bunch of the town play n be singin along. We God fearin folks. Sunday we dress in our best and go to listen to reverend Dougie preach hell, fire, n brimstone!  Yall come on out n see us sometime.


Daily post/blank

Ok, the 4th word of a blog on my reader is BLOG. And the 14th is LEAST. So, the sentence would read” Blog is the new least.” I must say I have drawn a blank when it comes to writing on this subject.  Here is my blank.


Daily prompt/super sensitive

If I could decrease a sense it would be taste for sure. I’m over weight and suffer from mental and physical problems because of it. Maybe, if food didn’t taste so good I would eat less and loose some weight.
I would increase my sight! My vision is so poor I would love to read more, drive better, and really see the world in a different light.


Daily prompt/2100


I have often wondered about this myself. How would my kin folk of the future talk? Over the years some amazing words came out as slang from our youth of that era. Several examples are: groovy, tubular, awesome, dope, not to mention fine and hot for example taking on a whole new meaning!
I will be 52 and my first grandbaby will be 8. I am going to try and picture her and the slang she may use. Hey, I am making it up as I go! Isn’t that’s how it’s done anyway?
Nana, I am in the 2nd grade now and all the other middle-lower schooler’s get to ride their telechoppers to school! I am crabnapped! Shelisamay told Ryanair that I had moochos too! Life is so pandonterously females it sucks!
Well, why don’t u take the camhoover to school and you will be smazzled by all the grades? And, you don’t have moochos you were given the multpkex shot in your eye for that! So, tell shelisamay to ganook or your nana is going to badingle her nose!
Oh, greenback nana you cask like the best ever!

Who knows what slang will be used but there is my comic relief!


Funny but true



Daily prompt/non-sequitur


I liked to run my toes through a fresh batch of cow dung. Running through the cow pasture is fun even when I’m 50! Bart says I need to be acting more like them there ladies from the church. Bart just likes their biscuits not mine. So what mine done broke 3 of his teeth! I dunk um in buttermilk them soften right up. Me n Bart you see got married cause my pa had a shotgun and old Bart was scared. He done got me pregnant!  So, we are old now. He wittles!  That be all he does. Oh, and yells!
So, I usually just let him yell. Til he tried to hit me with that forklift. Then boy did I yell.

And old Bart learned his lesson that day!


Good night so I think

Tis one of my night’s for me again. You know the ones where you think you are going to get a good night’s sleep and you’re faked out every time you shut your eyelids?

Sleep why must you elude me?
Will I forever be chasing you to that place?
The place where I am the queen of a kingdom of peace and harmony?
At this point I would even let you take me back to that horrific town where vampires,demons,and warewolves devour my soul!
Yes, I would go there gladly tonight my dear sweet sleep.
Mr Sandman talk to your boss and ask if you could swing by again for another round?
Hey,moon, you’re the supervisor can’t you see to it he does his job for me? Threaten him with no vacation time this year!
Sleep, buddy,old pal, give a girl a break will you?

Lol! My sense of humor tonight……

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