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Daily prompt/Morphing

My word is Fun! The word fun over the years has changed to much by definition of each generation. In my mother’s day fun to her was different from fun for me growing up and even now. I am sure the younger generation than I am define fun differently too!

For example fun for my mother born in 1948 as a teenager was sock-ops, malt shops, picture shows, cruising, chaperone dating, and things like that. Fun for me as a teenager born in 1969 were arcades, dances with music my mother wouldn’t dream of listening to, and going out with boys not going study, parties that involved mind altering substance experimenting. Things like that.

I know not only the different generations define fun socially as a whole in many ways.  But, the word fun is defined individually too! It is a word that changes with each person as well as each generation and it is a great word to watch over time!


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