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When I read this weekly challenge I immediately turned to my Facebook friends and family and asked what I should I write about. One of my friends stated the obvious to me! My precious unborn granddaughter. Thank you Sherri Benson for the suggestion. You see Sherri and I are both going to be grandmas to this precious baby girl in September. So, here begins my love story with peanut which will be my first grand child. Her mother and father told me they were expecting right after the first of the year. Being a grandma has been something I wished and prayed for. The emotions that overcame me I will never ever forget. Joy, happiness, excitement, and fear. Yes, I said fear! You see I haven’t been the best mother as much as it pains me to admit it. So, I have this huge fear if I’m going to be good enough for my little peanut. My life has change a great deal so, I know in my heart I will be all she needs me to be. But, self doubt is part of me. Anyway, I was invited to go to the first OB appointment. I literally counted the days to see and here her. (at that point we didn’t know if she was a boy or girl)The day of the appointment arrived and I was so elated it was hard not to act like a blooming idiot getting ready to meet her new love. I contained myself pretty well I think. We arrived after an hour drive to the hospital and luckily the ultrasound first. I heard her heartbeat and my heart leaped! Then I saw her. She looked like a peanut. My son and I both said that we thought that she looked like a peanut at the very same time! I really have to admit I payed no attention to anything or anyone in that room but that new life that has my bloodline and at that moment I realized my life has came full circle! This baby will carry my bloodline to the future. She is my second chance to do everything right by her. Since that day my thoughts are consumed with her. Wondering what she will look like. Dreaming of the fun things we will do together. I want to hold her now! I don’t want to wait! A few days ago we got to go see her again. It’s then we knew she is a girl. Now, this is extra special for me. I gave birth to all sons! To find out I was getting this precious gift and she was going to be a girl! Oh my, words can’t describe the love I have for this gift from God! The second ultrasound made us all laugh because she looked at the camera and immediately stuck her thumb in her mouth and you could actually see her sucking it profusely. It was cute,funny, and just plain amazing. So, now I’m counting the days to meet my grand child whom already has this grandma wrapped around her finger. I now look at baby things and daydream about the fun times and wonderful memories we will be creating together. Her parents got me a picture frame of her first ultrasound that says love at first sight. I think that says it all.


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