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Daily post/luxury

Well I must say this is a no brainer for me. The one luxury item is GLORIOUS, SPECTACULAR, AND JUST PLAIN FABULOUS COFFEE! I can drink it morning, noon, and night. I like my first cup to be steamy hot with a dab of French vanilla creamer. However, I will drink it in any form I can get it.
My life has been lived in poverty financially anyway and sometimes we didn’t have much food. So, coffee just buying it was a luxury. Now, it is a must just like toilet paper, buy coffee!  Hey, if I had to I could use my coffee filters as toilet paper! JOKE! But, really my luxury is coffee!


Meeting Mr. Right online when you are Mrs Right inside but the outside is Mrs Wrong in societies eyes

I am writing this as a novice to online dating.  But, also I’m giving my observations on a dear friends of mine quest to meeting Mr Wright online.
First off let me say there are so many websites available to meet your soulmate available that it is hard to choose!  I went with the free ones first. The ones I heard brought some success to women I know. I filled out the questionnaire’s to match me up. Oh, boy did the craziness begin. You see I’m a big, curvy lady. Men hit me up saying they like BBW. Well, I had no idea what that was.  I had to ask my friend. Then I had very young men message me. Asking me if I liked younger me. But, most often within minutes the explicit proposals are popping up from all corners of the globe! How, just how, is a girl to filter out the crap. It seems all they want is a booty call or naked pics.
My girlfriend has been doing this a while now. I have watched men pretend there way to meet her then blow it by asking if she would like to go give a blow job during the first meet and greet.  Or, the carry on for a good amount of time acting like they have a future only to stop talking to her out of the blue.
I’m new to this meeting someone online and so far I don’t like what I have saw.
Any suggestions?


Fighting boredom

Here are some ways to fight boredom:

Talk to yourself! Just don’t forget to reply to yourself too! Being an active listener is important.

Cut your hair. Remember when you were young and found out scissors actually can cut your hair? Maybe it is time you gave yourself some real delightful bangs again?

Shave! How long has it been really?

Clean the soap scrum out of your shower or tub with a toothbrush. That’s right punish yourself like grandma use to when you cussed!

Make prank calls to everyone on your contacts. Ask if their toilet or fridge is running.

Go buy a bunch of fake tattoos and change your appearance for work or school tomorrow.

There are a few things to keep you busy now. Go on….do one….YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!

Daily prompt/3 people walk into a bar

Finish this sentence: 3 people walk into a bar………

All three were dressed to kill that night. It was ladies night out! Will they all get free drinks? That is the goal. They are not regulars here. Rocky came here every night of the week and had never seen them. They look like the are in the wrong place. Wow, are they coming over to talk to me? Coming, closer and closer and right pass me they go! Their asses look great in those skirts!

The bartender Billy notices them also. Great, maybe I will get some good tips. He watches as they continue on pass all the empty chairs in the place. Maybe they will start with pool? The round the corner to the bathroom right away. Several minutes later they emerge. Looking even more perfectly kept.

Thank you for letting us use your restroom. Billy smiled as there thank you. They kept walking right out of that bar. But, before they reached the door they turn and ask Rocky. “Which way is the revival for Jesus being held”? Hell, I don’t know ladies this is a bar! With a flip of their hair they turn and leave. It was the bar they needed only to pee!

liebster award nomination

Pictures of me baking pineapple upside down

Pictures of me baking pineapple upside down (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Louise Hay in London

Louise Hay in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you for the honor of this nomination. I hope I can do the award nomination justice with my novice blogging attempts.

layedbacklife  and below is a link with her answers, questions and nominations.

I am also new at computers and copy/paste issues so pardon the non fancy appearance. Now on with the burning questions.

1. What is your favorite dessert? Pineapple upside down cake is one of my favorites and no bake cookies.

2. What makes you happy? Well, funny thing is I am just finding that out. I am a mother of three grown sons that have their lives and are starting families of their own. That makes me happy. However, I have been separated for around 3 years now from my husband of 25 years. So, I am at 42 redefining what makes me happy. I guess the short answer to that is I have freedom of choice now. No longer to I have to decide if or even when I will cook or clean. I can sleep in or stay up late and hold my own remote. The choices I have both little and big now are what is making me happy today.

3. Do I have a favorite YouTube? No, I do not do much YouTube yet. The most I have seen have been a few pranks my sons thought were funny. I am YouTube illiterate! For now anyway!

4. What genres do you read? Well, I use to love a good old romance novel when I was a lot younger. When the boys grew I would read stuff like Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga. Now, I can’t get enough of self-help books or articles. My three favorite authors right now are Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dryer, and Deepak Copora.

5. What is the one thing you like about your life now? I like that it’s a new life. I love the fact that I still can do something with my life. I like the fact that I no longer feel hopeless.

6. If I could use a time turner, which part of my life would I want to relive again? This is easy as pie for me! The births of each one of my sons. I know a lot of parents probably give that answer but I was happiest pregnant and giving birth to them was amazing.

7. What sport are you good at or wish you were good at? I had a physical deformity as a child so my favorite sport was kick ball but my problems were in my hips and legs so I often didn’t get to play.

8. Where is the best place to travel to based on my experiences? I would have to say Northern California. That is where I am originally from. The redwood forest is amazing and you also are right on the pacific ocean. I lived specifically in Eureka. The architecture is Victorian and amazing.

9. Are you still in contact with childhood friends? Yes, on Facebook I have 3 childhood friends I keep in contact with. Social media is amazing!

10. How do you manage stress? Prayer and meditation and deep cleansing breaths!

11. What is your favorite time of day and why? I love the night! The world seems more peaceful at night.

And now for my nominees:

I enjoy reading posts from these folks and I hope you enjoy them too!  Nominee’s please answer the 11 questions did for me. I hope I did this all correctly and have done this award justice. Happy blogging to all of you!


More ramblings

Ok, I have been cruising so many blogs I’m blog crazy! I have twenty followers now! I have been thinking about how much of myself I’m going to reveal of the true me. I think eventually I will reveal all but maybe I will do it little by little. Like excerpts from my life. I hope this will be a more entertaining way to read about me. So, I’m just going to start with a few bios. This in a nutshell is me…..

My name is Annette Harris born 8/20/1969 I’m a mother of three sons. They are all grown now with lives of their own. I have been married 25 years but have not lived with my husband for at least 3 years. I’m an addict but today I’m clean. I’ve been homeless and ate at food pantries. I also was a medical billing specialist for ten years so I know both sides of life. My favorite color is orange! I love and adore this color. It warms my heart! I’m a Leo through and through! I’m not religious but I’m spiritual. I have one sister and a brother that’s dead. I’m expecting my first grandchild this September! It is a girl! I’ve not begun to date or even looked. I’m in a total mid life crisis. Well, kinda, my life is good it’s my mind that is gone it seems. Guess that comes with menopause and mental health issues from ruining my brain cells with dope? I’m a very fluffy woman with a sunshiny disposition! I love with all I am. I’m a good listener and friend. I neglect myself and have low self esteem. That in a nutshell is me!

More to come later…..

Daily prompt/freaky Friday

It’s my freaky Friday dream. I would certainly pick someone popular and rich. Why, because I’m not and want to be. This person should also have a talent of some sort. Why, because I have none. I would choose a person with athletic abilities because again I have none. I think my person I would choose to trade a day with would have to be wonder woman herself!

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