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Good night so I think

Tis one of my night’s for me again. You know the ones where you think you are going to get a good night’s sleep and you’re faked out every time you shut your eyelids?

Sleep why must you elude me?
Will I forever be chasing you to that place?
The place where I am the queen of a kingdom of peace and harmony?
At this point I would even let you take me back to that horrific town where vampires,demons,and warewolves devour my soul!
Yes, I would go there gladly tonight my dear sweet sleep.
Mr Sandman talk to your boss and ask if you could swing by again for another round?
Hey,moon, you’re the supervisor can’t you see to it he does his job for me? Threaten him with no vacation time this year!
Sleep, buddy,old pal, give a girl a break will you?

Lol! My sense of humor tonight……


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