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Daily prompt/customer service

I was very pregnant with my first child and my husband made a large paycheck so he said he was going to take me and buy me all new maternity clothes. I was so excited!  We lived payday to payday and this was a real treat.
So, when my husband got off work he had me meet him at our local mall in the most expensive store there. I never dreamed I could shop there. Well, my husband and I are use to people judging us by my husband’s appearance.  He was covered in tattoos.  I do mean a lot of tattoos. So, I was shopping and we noticed we were being followed and nobody asked if they could help us as they did other customers.  I started to cry. This upset my husband and he asked to speak with the management.  Low and behold he was one of the personnel that was following US like we were thieves!  Calmly my husband tells the manager that we have been here for a long time and nobody asked us if we needed help. He explains that he felt we were being judged by his appearance and pulled out a wad of money and simply states I hope you work on commission because you just lost out and I will be reporting this incident to your corporate office. He grabbed my hand and we left. Leaving a dumbfounded manager in our wake.
The next place we went I was treated like a queen. Even know my husband and I are apart now I will never forget his handling of that situation.


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