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I haven’t been wanting to write deeply. So, these daily post suggestions suck to me. I am going to approach this prompt differently. You see there have been many times I felt unsafe. Picking one that I can describe so the person reading it can actually feel my fear and uneasiness is a hard one! So, in order for me to get out of my writers block I am going to write a short fiction story on this topic. Yes,  I know that’s a cop out I know. But, sometimes a girl needs a break from working on touchy subjects.

It was just getting dark and I was riding my bike as fast as I could to beat the darkness. Plus, being only ten mom wanted me home before dark. Well, my chain resides to come off right as in front of the house me and all my friends know is haunted. Great just great I couldn’t get my chain back on and now it was dark! I started hearing things all around me. I was so afraid of what was coming to get me that I pissed my pants and began to cry as I pushed my bike quickly home. I saw people watching me from every dark corner and I knew this was the end someone was going to kill me. Right before I got home. Just as my house came into view. Something brushed my leg! I screamed bloody murder until I realized it was my darned bike chain. I reached the safety of my yard and through down my bike, tore in my front door and ran to my room. Mom was yelling something but I wanted out of my wet clothes and my tears to dry before I had to face her. I never felt so unsafe one moment and completely safe the next as I did that day.

Ok y’all there is my fictional story on feeling safe. Funny thing is I think every kid has a story of when they first felt unsafe. To bad parents have to tell children don’t be out after dark or this could happen. Don’t talk to strangers or they might do this. We as parents in today’s society have had no choice but to teach our kids to fear. We do it only to keep them safe.


Daily prompt/ standstill

wpid-IMG_20130911_200603.jpgIt’s rather early but I am going to give this the good old college try anyway. It was around 5am as usual my house is quiet. This has been this way since June when I moved into my first home alone. After leaving mom’s nest at 15 then straight to a house with a husband that soon was filled with babies. Well, 25 years of the hussle and bussle of those mornings motherhood brand this morning was quiet again.
I’ve taken time to adjust to single life. Gotten over the empty nest syndrome. Then, 3 weeks ago my first grandbaby arrived!  A precious little girl! After 3 sons wow she is awesome!  So, as a new grandma my morning tweak would be to have her with me. As well as having my son’s, their spouses, my mom and sister here with. Two of my son’s life 2,500 miles away. So does my sister. Heck I would even tolerate the ex just to have us all together!
On the other side of the spectrum my mommy is here visiting. After not seeing her for 14 months, I would like each day she is here to stand still! I’m cherishing every second with her.
So,there is my take on time freezing. The jest of it all love, peace, happiness, and family!

Blogging is for cool people

I feel as though I entered a click! I’m a cool kid! I got pudding in my lunch box and I’m prom queen all in one! Blogging has made me inspired to be greater, better, happier, and funnier! I am part of this unique way of being heard or hearing others that you normally wouldn’t have known. I use to write a lot. I wrote to heal. Blogging makes me feel listened to. This is cool! I am cool!

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