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Daily prompt/you’ve got the power

If I had the power to enact one single law it would have to be that everyone no matter the gender has the right to marry in every state. I would have these marriages recognized in all legal matters, adoption, custody, medical family leave acts, medical insurance for spouse, and many other things I feel that gay folks have been robbed of!

Don’t get me wrong I am not gay. Not that that matters! However, my big sister is and has been her whole life. I watched her love her partner and want to marry but couldn’t. I watched them raise 2 kids and because my sister didn’t give birth to them she couldn’t take them to the hospital, enroll them in school, or anything that had to be consented by a parent. These kids, my niece and nephew, are productive members of today’s society. They did not grow up gay, as some argue because they were being raised by gays! But, our family as a whole have watched the ones we love be in love just like a any other couple. Having lived and watched a true love not able to marry always hurt me for my sissy. THAT IS THE LAW I WOULD ENACT NO MATTER HOW CONTERVERSAL IT IS!

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