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Watch “Kool & The Gang – Celebration” on YouTube

Loved this song when it came out. I used to dance to it with my cousins and a disco light. Ahhhh those were the days!


Daily prompt/customer service

I was very pregnant with my first child and my husband made a large paycheck so he said he was going to take me and buy me all new maternity clothes. I was so excited!  We lived payday to payday and this was a real treat.
So, when my husband got off work he had me meet him at our local mall in the most expensive store there. I never dreamed I could shop there. Well, my husband and I are use to people judging us by my husband’s appearance.  He was covered in tattoos.  I do mean a lot of tattoos. So, I was shopping and we noticed we were being followed and nobody asked if they could help us as they did other customers.  I started to cry. This upset my husband and he asked to speak with the management.  Low and behold he was one of the personnel that was following US like we were thieves!  Calmly my husband tells the manager that we have been here for a long time and nobody asked us if we needed help. He explains that he felt we were being judged by his appearance and pulled out a wad of money and simply states I hope you work on commission because you just lost out and I will be reporting this incident to your corporate office. He grabbed my hand and we left. Leaving a dumbfounded manager in our wake.
The next place we went I was treated like a queen. Even know my husband and I are apart now I will never forget his handling of that situation.


Daily prompt/Sorry, I am busy!

When I read this idea the first thing that came to mind is when my kids were really young and tried to tell me something or show me something they could do.
There were countless times that one or all wanted my attention and even if I patiently waited for them to show or tell me my mind was on other things. Dishes, laundry, dinner, or life’s many drama’s. I wished I completely focused on what they were doing. Dozens of skits or plays were acted out just for me. If only I could remember them now.
I am a grandma now and I intend on paying close attention to everything my grandchildren do or ask of me and for me. Dishes, laundry, and anything else can wait. I plan on living in the here and now with them.


Daily prompt/ celebrate good times


I may not be quiet on topic of following the description of” show us good times, celebrating good news.” Because, when I read the topic my mind went to a song and the story of three children dancing to the song Celebration by Kool and the Gang.

There were three of us. Me, Rhonda, and Trav. We were being raised by single mothers trying very hard to keep food in our bellies and our Christmas trees full of presents.
We had a lot of time together our mothers are best friends. When we were kids we would get on our bikes and go to the store and come out with a bag of candy a piece all for 25 cents! Our bikes took us everywhere.  Even places we dreamed up. We all named our bikes. These bikes were Christmas gifts from Santa! Trav and I knew our mom’s were Santa. Poor Rhonda,the baby of us three, believed forever in Santa. Until some idiot blew it. But, that’s a story for another day. We also created secret hideouts all the time. One was called bird haven, if I recall correctly.  We were as close as we could be. Waking up each day going on new adventures and worrying only about how we were going to get our next quarter for the trip to the corner market.  The three marketeers we were indeed!
So, when that wonderful song came out we would dance with unabandedness to it while a disco light shined.  Yes, we three were the king and queens of our world! I have no doubt to this day if I needed them or they needed me we each would try our hardest to be there.
So, when I saw the daily prompt this song and many years of fun memories flooded back to me. I have had much to celebrate in my life like my three beautiful sons and now a grandbaby. But, today for this moment I went with a time when life was simpler for me and I had two bffs, a brother and sister, cousins, whatever we called one another when asked. Thanks for the travel back in time. It’s funny where these daily prompts can take you.

Remember when?

Remember when vanilla ice was popular with the hit song “ice ice baby”?

Remember when there were dances at school they called sock ops?

Remember when you played outside so long that you wet your pants because you didn’t want to stop making mud pies?

Remember A&W Burger joints that sold mama, papa, and baby burgers? They served root beer in three different sizes of frosted mugs?

Remember how the movie E.T. Made you feel when you saw it for the first time?

Remember a drive in movie theater? (STILL HAVE ONE IN MY HOME TOWN UP AND RUNNING)

Remember penny candy?

There are so many memories packed in our minds that it’s amazing how our brain files and stores all that information. I’m trying to remember things in great detail. I believe as I grow older if I utilized my memory maybe just maybe I won’t forget as much when old age decides to set in. I have also found that I have spent much to much of my precious time remembering things that are not so fun to remember then dwelling on them. So, today, right now, I choose to remember the little things.

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