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Taking care of myself

I needed to have a goal added to this blogging and my living life on life’s terms. So, I added a new category and titled my first post Taking care of myself. I have been going through a lot. I realized that I have let myself totally go! Several factors played into this and they are facts like going through a separation after 25 years of marriage, my children growing up and making choices of their own, feeling not needed by them anymore, drama that comes with having to make ends meet financially and they don’t, wanting everyone in your entire family to get along at every moment, just plain worrying about everyone and everything else besides myself and my mental and physical health and well-being.

You see, I thought that in my 40’s I would be settled with my husband in 2 recliners watching TV or something silly like that. It’s funny I never saw me smiling in this visualization. But, I visualized contentment. Well, life and a higher power had other things in mind for me.

So, here I sit with a choice to make. Change now that the door is open and I can smell the sense of the many choices I can make on my very own. I have slowly let myself go and waited silently still not ready to dip my toe completely into the great lake of change. Oh, don’t get me wrong I made a couple of pretty major changes. I moved from the pacific coast all the way to southern USA! I became clean and sober. I got the wants! I didn’t know for what. I don’t think I still do exactly. But, I am learning to grown and reinvent yourself. While still living life on life’s terms and everything that comes along with that is a process. It has begun this process I feel the changes. Taking care of myself is my first topic of importance.  I will be resting for a bit because I need to. I have to stay away from social media and people and just be alone.

If you have some suggestions on stuff like meditation for dummies, or eating well on a budget of a poper, letting your grown children make stupid choices they will live to regret and shutting your mouth about it all, menopause oh boy menopause. Keep in mind I am going to become very informed on issues that will make myself better but I can’t understand what I read unless it is in laymen’s terms. I have a high school education that is very old now. I want to know what helped you. If you would like to share.

Bye bye for now just a day maybe two……


More ramblings

Ok, I have been cruising so many blogs I’m blog crazy! I have twenty followers now! I have been thinking about how much of myself I’m going to reveal of the true me. I think eventually I will reveal all but maybe I will do it little by little. Like excerpts from my life. I hope this will be a more entertaining way to read about me. So, I’m just going to start with a few bios. This in a nutshell is me…..

My name is Annette Harris born 8/20/1969 I’m a mother of three sons. They are all grown now with lives of their own. I have been married 25 years but have not lived with my husband for at least 3 years. I’m an addict but today I’m clean. I’ve been homeless and ate at food pantries. I also was a medical billing specialist for ten years so I know both sides of life. My favorite color is orange! I love and adore this color. It warms my heart! I’m a Leo through and through! I’m not religious but I’m spiritual. I have one sister and a brother that’s dead. I’m expecting my first grandchild this September! It is a girl! I’ve not begun to date or even looked. I’m in a total mid life crisis. Well, kinda, my life is good it’s my mind that is gone it seems. Guess that comes with menopause and mental health issues from ruining my brain cells with dope? I’m a very fluffy woman with a sunshiny disposition! I love with all I am. I’m a good listener and friend. I neglect myself and have low self esteem. That in a nutshell is me!

More to come later…..

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