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Me and my blog

Ok, I was in a rut for a month or so. As far as my blog I neglected it. You see, I felt I was giving minimal posts compared to what I truly am capable of. Let me explain. I blog from my smart phone. So, my posts are not very meaty! Then someone said to me that my blog can be just short stories and such. So, unless I go to the local library I will be producing short but sweet posts.

Briefly why I don’t have a computer is because I left my husband of 25 years in June 2012. I was allowed my clothes. No pictures of my kids when they were babies or nothing. Since then I now own my brand new couch, recliner, flat screen, dishes, and bed. Oh, and I live in a house that is mine. I don’t own it I rent but it is mine! I started mind you with a garbage bag of clothes! So, maybe someday I will get a computer but it’s not a priority for now. But, my blog, my means of self expression is.

The other thing I feel I need to put out there in order for you all to understand me is I am a victim of molestation, abuse, mental and physical illnesses, and I am a recovered addict. I tell you all this not for pity just for you to be able to understand some of my posts. All the past trauma I have suffered at my own hands and the hands of others doesn’t make up who I am today.  THOSE ISSUES I HAVE DEALT WITH!

Now, me today, wow what a difference! I walk with my head up and a smile on my face. This process of finding myself has been a long one! I am not done by no means. I will never be done. I change every single day. I am going to evolve into the person I know now I am. And let me tell you she is someone you want to connect with in person and through my posts. I look toward to reading all your blogs too! If you chose to follow me I chose to follow you too!

Happy blogging!


Daily prompt/evasive action

When I looked at this daily prompt I thought just in general about secrets. They are harmful period. Even if you keep them. I mean what is the purpose of living an honest life if someone for instance does something really kind for you and tells you don’t tell so and so they may not like that I helped you? Then why help me if it bothers you that someone else would be mad at you for doing it. I mean how ridiculous does that all seem. Now, on the other spectrum a secret that is keep because it is horrific such as a rape or a molestation, I can tell you from experience those secrets kept to fester inside of you for to long is very devastating and ruins your whole life unless you talk about it and work with a professional, sponsor, or friend on ways to move on from such a awful expierence. Then there are the good old secrets partners keep from each other for one reason or another. And he or she is suppose to be the love of your life? Why would you want to be nothing but honest with your true love. If your secret would ruin what you have then in my opinion it’s not the perfect love you envision! Again, this is my outlook on secrets. As for my own, they are mine to keep for now, if indeed I have any!

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