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Can someone tell me how to post a video off like YouTube directly to my post via mobile app for WordPress? The way I have been doing it isn’t the way I want it. I know the answer is probably a no brainer for some. However, I’m a novice to blogging, computers, apps, widgets, and imbedded to name a few. All I know is I love to write which has brought me to blogging. Please help my blog and me! Thanks!


Cell phone blogger

I just want all my followers to know I don’t own a computer or laptop. I blog from my wordpress app on my smart phone. That is why my posts are short and sometimes far between. I hope to get to the local library soon and type up some larger things I have written soon. I have been expierencing writers block too! So, please stick with me! More to come I promise!

My nominee’s for best moment award


I would like to nominate the following people and their blogs for the best moment ever award. I have visited each of these blogs and I will also include the name of at least one post that I really liked! Here is a link to the person that nominated me for the award. It will give you the proper instructions should you choose to accept this nomination and participate. Congrats to all! And thank you for your awesome blogs and some with one of their posts I liked! Enjoy! I picked some ones that seemed that they needed to recall or have a best moment too!!/read/blog/id/23588243/

That concludes my nominations I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.  Happy blogging! And congrats on your nomination for best moment award. Your blogs all gave me thoughts to ponder on.


My talents?

 I am a jack of all trades and a master of none! Lol! As the old saying goes. I asked my followers to give me some ideas besides the daily prompts on what to write about.  Someone said tell us your talents. Well, I thought about this and it is going to require some soul searching on my part. Seperation from my husband of 25 years and my boys growing up and leaving the nest have left me to my menopausal woes. So, my self-esteem and all around usual happy deminer has disappeared with these changes. I have begun some searching about who I really am and what I am good at.  I have came to no conclusions yet.  But, I will search for what I feel I am talented at this will be part of my finding out who I really am and what I really like to do! Possibly blogging will become a talent? I do seem to really like it! Thank you for your suggestions! More later on this subject!

I have been trying to post on my blog for 2 days now! This is a practice first post for me so I am not going to say nothing but FINALLY! If this works! Post more later!

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