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Meeting Mr. Right online when you are Mrs Right inside but the outside is Mrs Wrong in societies eyes

I am writing this as a novice to online dating.  But, also I’m giving my observations on a dear friends of mine quest to meeting Mr Wright online.
First off let me say there are so many websites available to meet your soulmate available that it is hard to choose!  I went with the free ones first. The ones I heard brought some success to women I know. I filled out the questionnaire’s to match me up. Oh, boy did the craziness begin. You see I’m a big, curvy lady. Men hit me up saying they like BBW. Well, I had no idea what that was.  I had to ask my friend. Then I had very young men message me. Asking me if I liked younger me. But, most often within minutes the explicit proposals are popping up from all corners of the globe! How, just how, is a girl to filter out the crap. It seems all they want is a booty call or naked pics.
My girlfriend has been doing this a while now. I have watched men pretend there way to meet her then blow it by asking if she would like to go give a blow job during the first meet and greet.  Or, the carry on for a good amount of time acting like they have a future only to stop talking to her out of the blue.
I’m new to this meeting someone online and so far I don’t like what I have saw.
Any suggestions?


Looking for Mr.right on a dating site? Smart or dumb?

Finally, ready to date after 3 years of morning the loss of a 25 year marriage.  It’s time right? I’m totally scared of this dating thing. And I don’t do bars nor do I go to church. Both places to meet new people.I moved accross the USA. So, I don’t know many people. Where does a menopausal woman with no clue about dating this day and age start?
Hearing stories that this person met her husband online or another is dating from meeting off an online dating site. So began my journey to online dating.
My good friend warned me about men just looking for sex period. I opened an account on a free site a few weeks ago. Boy, was my friend right! I was bombarded with private messages about my breasts. You see I’m no Barbie. I’m curved and beautiful.  This took me forever to see myself that way. Anyway,  I had to change my profile bluntly stating I will not send nude pics nor will I kiss or screw on the first date. I said if you are looking for a booty call look elsewhere!  Can you believe the messages still continue?
Well, I met one nice guy so I thought!  We exchanged numbers and talked many times. I thought we clicked. Out of the blue he calls and said he isn’t looking for anything serious only sex. Wow, he smoothed talked me almost into possibly meeting him. You see he grew impatient! I was busy for a week with my new grandbaby and hadn’t had a chance to answer his messages. I forewarned him I was going to be busy!
I just can’t see any point in online meeting people. Seems to me sex sex sex is all that is wanted!  Where is a girl to go to meet someone that can keep it in his pants at least until I say yes! 
Any suggestion welcome!


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