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Trying to learn about astrology


I am a Leo and by this links definition I have the characteristics of a typical Leo female. Astrology to me is interesting.  So, I would like to learn more about it. I choose on this new life I am participating in to get more information about anything that peeks my interest. Yes, with the internet nowadays to learn about anything our mind can muster up! But, along with research of my own I like to get people’s opinions on the matter. Unfortunately,  I am kind of weird and must have as many people’s one on one experiences or thoughts on whatever matter I am interested in knowing more about.  So. If anyone would like to give me their knowledge on my current topic of intrigue here are a few questions I have. Any information or experiences are appreciated.

1) Do you believe in astrology? If so why? If not then why not?
2) Have you ever planned your day, week, or month around your horoscope?
3) Some say astrology is the devil. Do you feel that is true? (No need for an in depth religious discussion please).
4) If you have a sign besides your own that most people you gravitate towards?

Well, if anyone would like to share with me thanks.



Daily prompt/name that

I am getting ready to be a grandma for the first time. I have listened to my son and daughter in law go over and over a name for her. What a chore for them!
I on the other hand had all boys and made a deal with their dad he could name all the boys we had and I would name the girls. Well, I never had to pick a name out!
Now, my mom said she was going to name me a horrible name. But, my aunt stepped in and said NO, her names Annette! Thank goodness!
A name is so important and it’s fun to watch at the end of each year the news always states the most popular names of the year. They have changed so much over time. I always am amazed by some of the choices.


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