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One word or just a smile.
A stranger or someone from your past.
Just a kind word or jester.
Maybe anonymously give to a charity.
Happiness comes from within.
When true happiness is achieved you radiate it from your spirit.
Its contagious happiness you know?
And what a great gift.
So easy to give.
What goes around comes around.


Love myself

I Love Myself Today For The First Time In Many Days! I Love The way I Look I Love The Way I Feel I Love Myself Today! I LoveD You Until I Didn’t Love Me So Today I Know I Am Free And Loving Myself I Shall Be!


Daily prompt/ landscape

When I look out my window I see trees. All kinds of tress! They grow in many different varieties all around me. Some of them bloom in the spring. Others sit all year long with bare limbs. The tress I see sometimes have a bird or squirrel on every branch. Then there is one lone tree with a woodpecker pecking away at the little bark that is sustaining it. My tress they need nourished by the love of mother sun and father night. Am I talking of real tress or the trees in my landscape I call life?



Cry with me and for me
Smile at me and for me
Cheer with me always even when I find no cheer
Fight for me, with me, and about me
Hold me in silence and metaphorically
Rejoice in my life always even when I rejoice in nothing
Defend me even when you know I’m wrong, but tell me alone in our private time where I was wrong.
Pray for me when I have no faith
Give to me your all even when you have nothing to give yourself.
This my friend will be returned to you now and forever for you are my friend

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