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Remember when?

Remember when vanilla ice was popular with the hit song “ice ice baby”?

Remember when there were dances at school they called sock ops?

Remember when you played outside so long that you wet your pants because you didn’t want to stop making mud pies?

Remember A&W Burger joints that sold mama, papa, and baby burgers? They served root beer in three different sizes of frosted mugs?

Remember how the movie E.T. Made you feel when you saw it for the first time?

Remember a drive in movie theater? (STILL HAVE ONE IN MY HOME TOWN UP AND RUNNING)

Remember penny candy?

There are so many memories packed in our minds that it’s amazing how our brain files and stores all that information. I’m trying to remember things in great detail. I believe as I grow older if I utilized my memory maybe just maybe I won’t forget as much when old age decides to set in. I have also found that I have spent much to much of my precious time remembering things that are not so fun to remember then dwelling on them. So, today, right now, I choose to remember the little things.


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