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Daily prompt/3 people walk into a bar

Finish this sentence: 3 people walk into a bar………

All three were dressed to kill that night. It was ladies night out! Will they all get free drinks? That is the goal. They are not regulars here. Rocky came here every night of the week and had never seen them. They look like the are in the wrong place. Wow, are they coming over to talk to me? Coming, closer and closer and right pass me they go! Their asses look great in those skirts!

The bartender Billy notices them also. Great, maybe I will get some good tips. He watches as they continue on pass all the empty chairs in the place. Maybe they will start with pool? The round the corner to the bathroom right away. Several minutes later they emerge. Looking even more perfectly kept.

Thank you for letting us use your restroom. Billy smiled as there thank you. They kept walking right out of that bar. But, before they reached the door they turn and ask Rocky. “Which way is the revival for Jesus being held”? Hell, I don’t know ladies this is a bar! With a flip of their hair they turn and leave. It was the bar they needed only to pee!


Daily prompt/love

What is love? My interpretation of the word depends on the situation or circumstance I am in at the time. When I was young I loved unconditionally everyone and everything. My view of people and this world were different then. I viewed it through the eyes of a child. The love you give and receive from or to a child is a unique and often unexplainable. What I mean by that is as a child we love our parents, siblings, friends, and relatives because we just do! When you are experiencing the love you have for a child, whatever your relation to them is, it is a special and priceless love. One no words can describe.

What is love that one may have for an object such as the ocean, trees, or a natural gift of nature?  That to me is a love that grows individually inside you as you grow.  Some may have a religious belief that believes this world we live in was created by God.  Some may believe earth was created from a molecule. The point is that it is a different kind of love for each of us based on our likes, dislikes and beliefs. How amazing is that?

What is love that we have when we choose to marry or be with as a partner in life? Well, for me at first it was a giggly, bubbly, cheery kind of love.  For others it maybe that they just know by a feeling they get when they look at that person. Some in this world grow to love who the don’t at first love. When you love your soul mate it is entirely different from the other types of love we experience in our lifetimes. It’s another love words cannot do justice to. It is a more mature love than the love we feel as children. Sadly sometimes those loves we think will last forever and then they don’t crush or idea of that kind of true love.

Last but not least what is the love you have for yourself? That is something that must happen or the other kinds of love are not felt properly or as indented. I feel this is the most important love. We should be teaching our children to love themselves at a young age. Our world has made it so hard to bring a child up to love and believe in themselves.  I was raised with love and felt love and have given love but I truly have just begun to start to love myself. As this is happening the many loves I can be experiencing around me are coming to look different. They are meaning more. I am loving new things too! To love yourself is to love all there is to love and so much more!

Daily prompt/ unknown caller

It was a Friday night and I went to bed early. My days were filled with work, work, and more work, so at night I crashed hard! Since my split with Mark a year ago I have had a non-existent social life. My companion when I returned home from a long day was a nice glass of Chardonnay and some oldies but goodies music. This Friday was no different from any other day. Except, at 2am my phone rings. I immediately thought something bad has happened. Someone’s been in a wreck! My heart jumped all the way up my throat. I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t recognize the number but, I answered on the third ring. Hello, I hear loud music, hello I scream. The music goes silent and I hear the sound of a voice that I thought had gone from my life forever. Annette he said is this really you? Delbert, oh my god delbert, I screamed! Delbert gave me my first kiss and I went to every base but home run with him! How did he find me? Where has he been? So many questions I wanted to ask. He said he had been looking for me for many years and wanted to know if we could meet ASAP! I gave him my address and let’s just say I had no more lonely nights. We have been together for 7 years and have 2 kids. He stayed my unknown call turned out to be the answer to my prayers

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