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Daily prompt/2100


I have often wondered about this myself. How would my kin folk of the future talk? Over the years some amazing words came out as slang from our youth of that era. Several examples are: groovy, tubular, awesome, dope, not to mention fine and hot for example taking on a whole new meaning!
I will be 52 and my first grandbaby will be 8. I am going to try and picture her and the slang she may use. Hey, I am making it up as I go! Isn’t that’s how it’s done anyway?
Nana, I am in the 2nd grade now and all the other middle-lower schooler’s get to ride their telechoppers to school! I am crabnapped! Shelisamay told Ryanair that I had moochos too! Life is so pandonterously females it sucks!
Well, why don’t u take the camhoover to school and you will be smazzled by all the grades? And, you don’t have moochos you were given the multpkex shot in your eye for that! So, tell shelisamay to ganook or your nana is going to badingle her nose!
Oh, greenback nana you cask like the best ever!

Who knows what slang will be used but there is my comic relief!


DPchallange/a manner of speaking

I live in oklahoma there are a lot of slang terms so I thought I would write as a list instead of a story so here you go.

Britches-“Put on your britches boy!” britches are pants also called bloomers.

As a crows flies-“Bubba lives bout a mile directly thatta way bout a mile as a crow flies.”

Warsh-“ima Gunna warsh them dishes now.”

Y’all-“what y’all Gunna do.”

Supper-“We Gunna eat supper at noon.”

Yup-“yup, we Gunna be going to that there store.”

These are just a few. Everyone drives a truck and everyone waves at anyone else driving a truck. Buffets always have fried catfish, fried chicken, taters, beans, and cornbread!

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