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Watch “Kool & The Gang – Celebration” on YouTube

Loved this song when it came out. I used to dance to it with my cousins and a disco light. Ahhhh those were the days!


Songs to get to know me

Let me introduce to you me via songs I like or have some meaning to me. I saw this on http://
I am going to try and do this, rather than all in one post, by daily posts of a song each day until I feel I’ve described myself. I will include video or lyrics in each post and tell why the song is”me”. This just sounded random and fun. Plus, what a great way to get to know the new woman I have become as well introducing past loves, relationships, family,
If you want leave me song in comments about you. Its fun to do things different once in a while. Don’t you think?


Watch “Queen – ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ (Live At The Bowl)” on YouTube

This song makes me enjoy my outer beauty as well as my inner beauty. I celebrate my curves with this song! I always dance when I hear it. Plus, in general I like Queen and other hit songs they did when I was a teen!
So, here’s to my curves!

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