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DPchallange/a manner of speaking

I live in oklahoma there are a lot of slang terms so I thought I would write as a list instead of a story so here you go.

Britches-“Put on your britches boy!” britches are pants also called bloomers.

As a crows flies-“Bubba lives bout a mile directly thatta way bout a mile as a crow flies.”

Warsh-“ima Gunna warsh them dishes now.”

Y’all-“what y’all Gunna do.”

Supper-“We Gunna eat supper at noon.”

Yup-“yup, we Gunna be going to that there store.”

These are just a few. Everyone drives a truck and everyone waves at anyone else driving a truck. Buffets always have fried catfish, fried chicken, taters, beans, and cornbread!


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