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Visit to the doctors office daily challenge/person, place, thing

I entered my family doctors office early for my monthly appointment. I was the first one there as usual. The receptionist is new and doesn’t know me by name yet. However, my nurse is a man in his fifties, bald head and a huge handle bar mustache he took great pride in grooming each day you could tell. The ends of it were well greased and curled with care. He ushered me to my room and took my vitals. His eyes are always so caring that you actually know he likes his job and cares a lot for the patients. He promptly left me to wait on my doctor.

The room I was in was freshly painted with a ekg machine, a black metal trash can complete with foot pedal, a half of an exam table, those kinds with the stir ups, as well as tongue depressions and odiscope. I sat in an uncomfortable hard chair while I waited for the dr to come sit in his little stool with rollers.

I had to have an EKG. The nurse came back in and hooked me up with sticky pads attached to my chest, side, and back area. Then came the colored wires that went to the machine he attached to each pad! The test was quick and painless! The worse part is getting the pads and wires off.


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