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Daily prompt/unconventional love

When I read the daily prompt today I darn near barffed! I have had some horrible days lately and I have let my life be led by emotions. Someone said to me that emotions can take over your rationality. Anyway, my living life on life’s terms is a work in progress for darn sure! But, back to the topic at hand. I didn’t want to write about any kind of love at all period. When my emotions get the best of me I get very stubborn! In spite of myself I did write on each topic. When I read this one I inhaled deeply and thought more love? My next thought was what unconventional love is. I had to look it up just to make sure I had a full understanding of it. Here is what I found.

The definition of unconventional is someone or something that deviates from the norm or accepted standard.


I have a very unconventional love of my life! I love and adore everything and anything the color orange! It can be any and all shades of orange too! I look at orange things and smile. Odd I have been told yes it is. When people use to get me gifts it was something orange. I collected all things orange at one point in time. I am fixing to finally get a place of my own. It goes without saying most of the decor if not all will be orange. Someone once asked me why I liked orange so much. My reply is this it is happy and bright just like I want my life. I own nothing but a iPad and a garbage bag with clothes now. I have lost all material belongings I ever had. Life on life’s terms has hit me hard. As my new begining starts the past is left behind. But, one thing I love and will carry with me forever in some form is orange. One funny family fact about my orange is that my grandmother and my oldest son’s favorite colors are orange.  The two never got to meet but we share an unconventional love for the color orange!


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