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Daily prompt/those dishes

I read this title laughed!  I hate dishes! My kitchen sits in disarray as we speak. I don’t know why. I have despised them since I was a little girl and I was spoiled rotten mama always did them.
So, I think I shall procrastinate the dishes for now. After all the dishes will still be there because they are not going to do themselves!



I want to scream. But instead I stay curled up on my bed. Pulling my covers over me so tightly just hoping I fade away. This time it seems to have had a hold on me for a few weeks? Maybe months? My family and friends notice and don’t say nothing but they do try to bring me out of it. My entire life is overturned once again! Medication, meditation, prayer, and just plain crying and screaming at times for help! Will this be the day I get a little better?

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