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My nominee’s for best moment award


I would like to nominate the following people and their blogs for the best moment ever award. I have visited each of these blogs and I will also include the name of at least one post that I really liked! Here is a link to the person that nominated me for the award. It will give you the proper instructions should you choose to accept this nomination and participate. Congrats to all! And thank you for your awesome blogs and some with one of their posts I liked! Enjoy! I picked some ones that seemed that they needed to recall or have a best moment too!!/read/blog/id/23588243/

That concludes my nominations I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.  Happy blogging! And congrats on your nomination for best moment award. Your blogs all gave me thoughts to ponder on.



Best ever moment award/nomination/speech

First, let me thank for the nomination. Tammy, you inspire me almost daily as I go through my life changing events. I do truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

My best moment or time period

I am going to begin with the best moment or time period of my life. On my About page on my blog I said very little about myself. That is because my blog posts will introduce me and what makes me tick as I go on this life changing  journey that I am on. I am truly a work in progress! Stay tuned much more to come.

I have lived a very different life than most. The good things that have happened to me are few it seems. And, that is not me feeling sorry for myself that is just the facts. I am a survivor of child molestation, rape, spousal abuse, substance abuse, homelessness, poverty, to name a few. I choose to let my past be my past and my future be endless. Someone told me once the past is not what defines you. I fully try to live like that now. I am clean and sober. Managed to raise three sons who are productive members of society. I had a marriage that lasted 25 years.  July 24, 2012 I choose to change my life. I moved 2,500 miles away from my home town. I have begun fresh and new.

This brings me to the happiest moment or time period of my life. I have thought long and hard and for most mother’s the answer is when I had my children. That is the truth for me also. I gave birth to my kids clean and sober. Those were the very best moments ever. But, I would like to go out on a limb here and choose now, right here, right now. Please, do not think for a moment the birth of my children will top anything but this is up there pretty close to it. Today, I have the freedom of choice. Today, I experience something new since the kids are grown and the ex is gone. This year I went out to an ice cream all by myself! I was terrified! I choose what I wanted not what everyone else wanted me to get so they could have a bite of it. Today, I have been given back the freedom to choose how I live my life and the company I keep. I created a little guide in my mind of how to manage simple tasks alone. You see, I was a woman who worked and handed over her paycheck to her husband. I choose to have a budget today. Wow, do I have my days of menopausal hell! But, I choose to go to the Dr and take care of myself. My mental health issues are plenty but I choose to not-self medicate today. This moment in time for a woman like me is new and exciting and scary too! But, next to having my kids this new life is my moment my time to shine.

Now for my acceptance speech

Hello my fellow bloggers I am here today nominated for this prestigious award by a blogger that caught my attention and quickly gained my respect for her opinions on many matters. Thlayedbacklife  aka Tammy Green author of Thank you very much Tammy and I hope I have done you proud.  I would also like to thank for opening up the world of blogging to me.  Now, on to the people who have been by my side through all my trials and tribulations. They helped me to be able to have this new special moments in time. First, there is my mother Sharon Aldrich, thank you for never giving up on me. Second, I would like to thank the following authors and publishers who have taught me new ways to deal with life on life’s terms. Louise Hay publisher and author of many self-help books you can locate more about her at she is an awesome inspiration for women. Dr Wayne Dryer’s books are a great motivation. One of my favorites is Wishes fulfilled: mastering the art of manifesting. And last of the professionals that helped me along this journey is Deepak Copra I love his many affirmations and quotes but there is a blog that taught me a lot about dealing with many things especially stress. Here is a link to that blog Lastly, I have to thank my kids for sticking by me and believing in me even when I didn’t. Mason, Mark, and Matthew Harris.  I thank each and every one of you for visiting my blog and reading my speech. My your spiritual guide be with you as mine has me. Thank you to my spiritual connection who I choose to call God for letting me live in these very precious moments or change and choice, and ultimate freedom to be and do anything I choose!


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