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Hello I miss you

Yesterday happened like every year since we were young. Yesterday was sad like it always is since you have been gone. I am doing good in my life and I know you sending your beautiful brother to me at the exact moment you did lastnight reminds me your still with me. I have pictures of you now. I love them! I sent them to each boy. They knew it was your birthday yesterday too. They each morn the loss of you differently. One of them said yesterday to his wife. My uncle taught me more about being a man than anyone else in my life. I know you heard that and smiled. I’m so glad for the time you spent with my kids. I watch your oldest child and grandbaby grow via pictures online. You are proud I feel it. Now, your brother, how amazing he is raising your baby!? He has invited me to go see them! He is a great man and I now know why you are so close with him. Thank you for placing him in my life. You are just like him! Its funny really. Well, I love you my dear friend! Until the wheels fall off and the creagers crack……..



My friend who we will call Amilio is a everyday hard working American. That just so happens to work in a very famous fast food restaurant. He has been employed there for 13 years. I chose him for my interview. 
Amilio is a father of six kids and is single. He likes to do nothing in his free time he states. Because he has worked so hard and still lives below the poverty.  This plus many other worldly struggles makes him fall into a depression that has been hard to come out of.
I asked him what he liked to do before life grabbed him and our other hard working folks like him to loose their happiness. He liked to play the gitar.  He spends a lot of time with his oldest son. Family is important to him and he often feels like he was the black sheep. But, he pushed those feelings aside and cares and lives with his mother. He believes in true love and doesn’t feel he has found it yet.
He hates his job but goes everyday regardless. He in my opinion is a red blooded American that makes our world a better place. I’m honored to be his friend.


Songs to get to know me

Let me introduce to you me via songs I like or have some meaning to me. I saw this on http://
I am going to try and do this, rather than all in one post, by daily posts of a song each day until I feel I’ve described myself. I will include video or lyrics in each post and tell why the song is”me”. This just sounded random and fun. Plus, what a great way to get to know the new woman I have become as well introducing past loves, relationships, family,
If you want leave me song in comments about you. Its fun to do things different once in a while. Don’t you think?


Daily prompt/ celebrate good times


I may not be quiet on topic of following the description of” show us good times, celebrating good news.” Because, when I read the topic my mind went to a song and the story of three children dancing to the song Celebration by Kool and the Gang.

There were three of us. Me, Rhonda, and Trav. We were being raised by single mothers trying very hard to keep food in our bellies and our Christmas trees full of presents.
We had a lot of time together our mothers are best friends. When we were kids we would get on our bikes and go to the store and come out with a bag of candy a piece all for 25 cents! Our bikes took us everywhere.  Even places we dreamed up. We all named our bikes. These bikes were Christmas gifts from Santa! Trav and I knew our mom’s were Santa. Poor Rhonda,the baby of us three, believed forever in Santa. Until some idiot blew it. But, that’s a story for another day. We also created secret hideouts all the time. One was called bird haven, if I recall correctly.  We were as close as we could be. Waking up each day going on new adventures and worrying only about how we were going to get our next quarter for the trip to the corner market.  The three marketeers we were indeed!
So, when that wonderful song came out we would dance with unabandedness to it while a disco light shined.  Yes, we three were the king and queens of our world! I have no doubt to this day if I needed them or they needed me we each would try our hardest to be there.
So, when I saw the daily prompt this song and many years of fun memories flooded back to me. I have had much to celebrate in my life like my three beautiful sons and now a grandbaby. But, today for this moment I went with a time when life was simpler for me and I had two bffs, a brother and sister, cousins, whatever we called one another when asked. Thanks for the travel back in time. It’s funny where these daily prompts can take you.


Daily prompt/ standstill

wpid-IMG_20130911_200603.jpgIt’s rather early but I am going to give this the good old college try anyway. It was around 5am as usual my house is quiet. This has been this way since June when I moved into my first home alone. After leaving mom’s nest at 15 then straight to a house with a husband that soon was filled with babies. Well, 25 years of the hussle and bussle of those mornings motherhood brand this morning was quiet again.
I’ve taken time to adjust to single life. Gotten over the empty nest syndrome. Then, 3 weeks ago my first grandbaby arrived!  A precious little girl! After 3 sons wow she is awesome!  So, as a new grandma my morning tweak would be to have her with me. As well as having my son’s, their spouses, my mom and sister here with. Two of my son’s life 2,500 miles away. So does my sister. Heck I would even tolerate the ex just to have us all together!
On the other side of the spectrum my mommy is here visiting. After not seeing her for 14 months, I would like each day she is here to stand still! I’m cherishing every second with her.
So,there is my take on time freezing. The jest of it all love, peace, happiness, and family!


First time grandma


This is my precious angel! I am blessed!

Daily prompt/you’ve got the power

If I had the power to enact one single law it would have to be that everyone no matter the gender has the right to marry in every state. I would have these marriages recognized in all legal matters, adoption, custody, medical family leave acts, medical insurance for spouse, and many other things I feel that gay folks have been robbed of!

Don’t get me wrong I am not gay. Not that that matters! However, my big sister is and has been her whole life. I watched her love her partner and want to marry but couldn’t. I watched them raise 2 kids and because my sister didn’t give birth to them she couldn’t take them to the hospital, enroll them in school, or anything that had to be consented by a parent. These kids, my niece and nephew, are productive members of today’s society. They did not grow up gay, as some argue because they were being raised by gays! But, our family as a whole have watched the ones we love be in love just like a any other couple. Having lived and watched a true love not able to marry always hurt me for my sissy. THAT IS THE LAW I WOULD ENACT NO MATTER HOW CONTERVERSAL IT IS!

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